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especially for producers

From Schnauzers to Shepherds, James Jacobson has never met a dog who wouldn’t meditate. Put his experience to the test on your live television or radio show.

Here are some segment ideas:

>> Will Your Dog Meditate with You?
Jacobson shows how your host can meditate with his or her own dog… LIVE on the air. Your talent should bring his or her own dog to the studio for this segment.

>> The Things People Do for Their Dogs
Dog-lovers go to extraordinary lengths for their dogs, from doggy day spas to daily meditation.
What would you do for your dog?

>> Meditation: New-Age Fad or Wave of the Future?
Meditating (especially with dogs) is the hottest trend to hit the U.S. since the nonfat latte.
Is it here to stay?

>> Stress-Busters
Ways to keep yourself sane in an insane world: Yoga, meditation, exercise, walking the dog. Multitask by meditating with your dog…

>> Are Dog Owners Healthier?
Statistics show that dog-lovers live longer, happier lives. What can you do to strengthen the bond with your dog? Meditation is one way…

An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers
By James Jacobson
with Kristine Chandler Madera
Published by Maui Media, LLC
October 2005
0-975-2631-1-0 / $16.95 / Hardcover / 200 pages

Download PDF