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An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers



Meditate with your dog? It sounds quirky, but this simple practice is one of the most relaxing and mutually beneficial activities you can do with your canine companion. It’s fun, and the results can give you both a new leash on life!

KIHEI, MAUI, HI -- In the book HOW TO MEDITATE WITH YOUR DOG: An Introduction To Meditation For Dog Lovers (Maui Media, October 2005, $16.95; Hardcover), lifelong meditator and dog lover James Jacobson weaves the charming “tail” of his highly evolved Maltese, Maui, with practical tips on how to bring the benefits of meditation into daily life.

In HOW TO MEDITATE WITH YOUR DOG, readers will learn:

How to use the love they have for their dogs as the basis for a regular meditation practice.
How to deepen the bond between “pack leader” and dog.
How to cultivate compassion, and bring more peace and focus into daily life.
How to live in the moment and let go of stress.
That life is a bowl of liver snacks.

“Dogs are natural meditators,” Jacobson says. “Your dog may look like he’s staring into space, but he’s actually ‘hound lounging’ and living in the moment.”

This widely distributed release from Maui Media, is the first of a series of introductory guides to non-dogmatic meditation that promote greater peace and well-being.

“Meditation,” Jacobson says, “is the single most important thing that people can do to better themselves and the world we live in.”

The book is a fun read and includes over a dozen bone-tickling cartoons, many from The New Yorker and classic strips such as Peanuts and Marmaduke. With the holiday season around the corner, HOW TO MEDITATE WITH YOUR DOG is the perfect gift book for everyone who:

  • Loves dogs
  • Meditates
  • Wants to meditate
  • Wants to bond with their dog, without playing fetch (again!)

Chock-full of valuable lessons, this humorous, yet important book shares the message that meditation is accessible to everyone, and shows dog-lovers that they have the added advantage of a natural meditator just panting to teach them.

An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers
By James Jacobson
with Kristine Chandler Madera
Published by Maui Media, LLC
October 2005
0-975-2631-1-0 / $16.95 / Hardcover / 200 pages